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Chiquita Fruit Solutions Wins Best Sustainability Initiative in Juice Award

Sustainability is one of the most important themes for all parts of the food and beverage industry—and juice is no exception. FOODNEWS World Juice recently awarded Chiquita Fruit Solutions the Best Sustainability Initiative in Juice Award for their passion fruit small-grower initiative. FOODNEWS World Juice held their annual conference in Cologne, Germany on Oct. 2-4 where their esteemed judging panel recognized Chiquita Fruit Solutions as the organization that has done the most to enhance the impact of the juice industry on the environment and society.           


Chiquita Fruit Solutions won the award for developing the passion fruit small-grower initiative to improve the resource efficiency, minimize carbon footprint and to better share economic benefits throughout the supply chain. Through their initiative, Chiquita Fruit Solutions demonstrated impact on environmental performance and society and were innovative in finding solutions to common industry problems.

Revolutionizing the juice and fruit industry with their passion fruit small-grower initiative, Chiquita Fruit Solutions teamed up with the Rainforest Alliance to teach hundreds of Costa Rican farmers how to grow passion fruit for a living wage as opposed to subsistence farming. With the project underway for the past three years, farm families have strengthened as they’ve learned how to better protect the environment and gain financial control of their lives. For more information on the passion fruit small-grower initiative, visit the Chiquita Fruit Solutions website and watch their video to see firsthand how this win-win project has benefited customers, Chiquita Fruit Solutions as a supplier, and most importantly the lives of their farmers.

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