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King Arthur Flour Gets Engagement

This post was originally going to be about King Arthur’s new “Our Farmers” videos. But after I watched the videos, I toured the website further and the post has taken a different turn. King Arthur is doing some really great things in terms of engagement, and I’d like to touch on a few of those.


King Arthur recently launched videos covering the following topics: Families, Life of a Farmer, Preserving the Land and the King Arthur Flour (KAF) Connection. Each topic category has an all- encompassing recap video and individual family farmer video testimonials. The production quality of these videos is great. KAF effortlessly captures the emotion of the farmers and the connection that they have to their livelihood. The videos are very honest and nonscripted. The charm of the videos remains intact because of KAF’s tasteful choice to have minimal branding in the lower right corner.

My one criticism would be that had I not seen this link in a press release I’m not sure I could find the videos on the website. My personal opinion is that they should be highlighted on the homepage.

KAF has built its own social network on its website, and people are actually participating in it. Bakers are posting recipes using KAF flour, problems they are experiencing while baking, questions on tips and much more. To post comments, users sign in with their account that they set up to receive email blasts from KAF. If users don’t have an account, they can create one. What a smart way for KAF to capture a database of potential customers.

The blog features awesome food photography and a clean design. I don’t even bake, but it makes me want to because of the food shots alone. The tone is conversational and includes recommendations on recipes to try. Each post actually shows, through photography, the step by step process that the recipe calls for.

Our Flours
The product pages titled “Our Flours” also use enticing food photography but go a step further by pulling in customer testimonials from posts in the community forum. Is there any better way to sell a product than to have a positive customer endorsement? Genius!

I’d have to say my KAF video experience took a turn for the better, and KAF’s website provided a fresh look at how to be more engaging. If you haven’t noticed a theme lately with my posts let me reiterate … IT’S ALL ABOUT ENGAGEMENT.

Damage Control in the Form of Marketing

Products in the food industry can be rather temperamental, forcing companies to not only fix the problem, but relay that fix to its customers. Big question is: how does one best do that? A great example of what to do in this situation is Chiquita’s Chiquita To Go. Recently, Chiquita experienced some customer dissatisfaction with the short shelf life of its bananas. In response, this international marketer, distributor and producer of fresh fruit came up with a new marketing solution to help its customers sell to their customers.


Thus came Chiquita To Go. Chiquita positioned bananas as the perfect grab-and-go snack for its customers’ shoppers. They created new Chiquita To Go merchandising to make it easy for its customers to position, as well as created a website to explain all of the details, including informational videos and testimonials from satisfied customers. This marketing approach, in conjunction with the Web component, has already been successful for Chiquita. Not only has the company made its customers happy, it has generated a new way to position its product and increase overall sales.


YouTube Channels—Walmart Holiday Videos


More and more businesses are creating personalized YouTube channels—custom-branded YouTube pages that house a collection of company videos. And Walmart is one of many that has taken advantage of its YouTube channel. Walmart introduced Family Baking Videos to encourage families to shop at Walmart. Customers were asked to tape and submit video footage of their families making holiday treats—treats that can then be given as holiday gifts to friends and family for under $5 per receiver. Each video offers recipe details, and features the purchased products. Walmart not only used YouTube to increase sales, but also used a unique tactic to further enhance its family-focused shopping experience. If your company doesn’t already have a YouTube channel, it’s easy to start one.

Example of a Successful B-to-B Video from Schwan’s Food Service

I recently came across a video on the homepage of for Schwan’s Food Service. The video was the size of a square banner ad at 300 x 250 pixels. What’s unique about this video is its use of voice-over, food photography and animation to tell a compelling story. Often, when we talk to clients about videos, they are concerned about the time involved, scheduling conflicts, locating talent, editing process, etc. If these are concerns for you as well, consider an alternative to live footage, such as a video like Schwan’s, which could prove to be less expensive and less time consuming.

Schwan’s video, titled “Grow Your Business,” is a message to food service operators that identifies how Schwan’s can help its customers meet their profit-generating goals. The video does a great job of driving home this message, while continuously circling back to how this benefits the customer.

Schwan’s allows its customers to take a look inside of its core business practices. One of the key messages is how Schwan’s goes beyond food manufacturing to provide ideas, consumer insights and promotional items. All of this so you can make smart, more informed decisions about your business. If you look at food marketing today, almost every company can, and does, say this. So, even though Schwan’s message may be the same as some of its competitors, the tactic used to deliver that message is much more compelling.

To see how other B-to-B companies are utilizing videos on, click here.

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