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Carmi Flavors Uses Channel-specific Email Marketing to Target Customers and Prospects

We are always on the lookout for good content-marketing campaigns. One of the platforms we look to is email. Email marketing is considered a best practice to use for generating sales leads. Since most people, on average, receive over a hundred emails a day, email marketing can have its challenges. But, those challenges can easily be overcome with the right message, creative visuals and relevant links to sources of information for customers and prospects.

Carmi Flavors E-newslettersCarmi Flavors uses targeted email marketing, broken out by channels like Beverage, Bakery, Pizza and Restaurant, to reach its customers and prospects. We recently received an e-newsletter from Carmi Flavors called Beverage Exchange. The e-newsletter focused on the marketplace and industry news topics that would be of interest to its beverage manufacturer customers and prospects. The e-newsletter had a table of contents, with each headline linking to the relevant article or heading within the e-newsletter, allowing readers to easily navigate the content based on their interest. In addition to interactive and engaging content, Carmi Flavors also incorporated a beverage application photo—another best practice in the food ingredient industry.

Aside from distributing the e-newsletter, Carmi Flavors posts a link to the web version of the e-newsletter on its website, along with the other channel-specific e-newsletters it distributes.

By using targeted email marketing campaigns, Carmi Flavors can showcase its knowledge of each channel and provide relevant information to the specific food manufacturers its sales teams are targeting. Many sales forces find it difficult to penetrate R&D, product development and marketing departments on their own. With the use of email marketing, sales teams are provided a detailed tracking report that shows them who has opened and clicked on links within the email—what we would consider a follow-up list of qualified leads.

Carmi Flavors provides us a great example of the best practice of using email marketing to target customers and prospects to generate qualified sales leads. To learn more about this best practice as well as other industry best practices, click here to request a copy of our Best Practice Research Report for food ingredient marketers, or if email marketing is something you’d like more information on and want help incorporating it into your marketing communications, let us know.

Salt Swap Initiative is Leading the Way in Australia’s Sodium Reduction

Recently we received a newsletter from Nu-Tek Salt Australasia—Nu-Tek Food Science’s Australasia partner— highlighting a new program, Drop the Salt Lithgow and its exciting health initiative, Salt Swap Lithgow. This program has been featured in the Lithgow Mercury news and is supported by The George Institute for Global Health, Lithgow City Council, local business and Nu-Tek Food Science, to help address Australia’s excessive salt consumption levels.

Pictured (from left to right): Jason Cummings, Nu-Tek Salt Australasia; Lithgow Black Panther; Maree Statham, Lithgow mayor; and Mary-Anne Land, The George Institute for Global Health.
Pictured (from left to right): Jason Cummings, Nu-Tek Salt Australasia; Lithgow Black Panther; Maree Statham, Lithgow mayor; and Mary-Anne Land, The George Institute for Global Health.

The Salt Swap initiative is an innovative campaign to reduce salt intake by “swapping” household table salt for Salt for Life™ Sea Salt Blend—a new sea salt blend with 70 percent less sodium than table salt. The campaign also includes reformulation of locally produced processed foods and using the FoodSwitch Smartphone application to help people make better food choices in the supermarket.

Drop the Salt Lithgow aims to reduce salt intake by 10 percent and is part of a broader initiative—supported by the World Health Organization (WHO)—seeking to identify scalable and sustainable salt-reduction policies that can be applied nationally and internationally.

To learn more about the Drop the Salt Lithgow community initiative and to join in their discussions, “Like” their Facebook page.

Chiquita Fruit Solutions is Spinnovating

Chiquita Spinnovator

To help promote fresh ideas in fruit flavors, Chiquita Fruit Solutions launched their online interactive tool, the Chiquita SpinnovatorTM, at the RCA show in Charlotte, NC back in March.

Housed on the Chiquita Fruit Solutions website, the Spinnovator allows users to experiment and open their imaginations to develop unique applications using Chiquita’s five fruit ingredients: banana, passion fruit, mango, pineapple and papaya.

The first step to the Spinnovator is selecting a fruit ingredient—the inner wheel. Based on the fruit ingredient you’ve selected, the middle wheel populates a colorful arrangement of flavors that complement the fruit ingredient. The outer wheel has a multitude of top-trending applications to choose from that are broken out by meal and daypart categories: Breakfast, Entrée (Lunch/Dinner), Side, Dessert, Beverage and Condiment.

Another feature of the Spinnovator is the random spin. If you’re looking for a specific application or flavor, you can lock the applicable wheel on your selection and let the wheel spin its way to something innovative. If you’re inspired by what you’ve created, you can save it to a list and email it to yourself or share it through social media.

Visit the Chiquita Fruit Solutions website to Spinnovate a fresh idea and comment below on what unique application has opened your imagination.


You’ve Got Mail! Using Email to Promote Traditional Marketing

King Arthur Baking SheetWhen it comes to promoting a traditional media tactic, for example, a monthly subscription newsletter, one of the best ways to engage an audience is to use a new media tactic, such as an email blast.

King Arthur® Flour recently sent an email blast encouraging readers to subscribe to their 24-page bimonthly newsletter, The Baking Sheet®. By purchasing a 1-year or 2-year subscription, all six of the 2011 issues can be purchased for only $5.

The email blast features application photography, a short description that highlights the contents of The Baking Sheet newsletter and a link to a webpage where readers can purchase a subscription.

To further entice readers to subscribe to the newsletter, the email also contains a link to a blog post containing step-by-step photos and instructions for recipes to make pottage, rieska bread and horseradish sauce. If you weren’t hungry before reading the blog post, you will be afterwards.

The email blast even contains social media links to share or repost the recipes and subscription deal.

King Arthur Flour has provided a great example of how to engage clients by encouraging a subscription to traditional marketing using a modern communication tactic. We’d love to hear if you still use traditional marketing tactics with your clients, how they’ve been working for your company and what you do to promote them. Leave us a comment below!

Use Multiple Publishing Platforms to Communicate Your Message

MalaysiavirgoOur food ingredient team has previously blogged about email blasts being sent from the Sosland Publishing platform. We’d also like to showcase this Malaysia Palm Oil Solution Center email blast sent by the VIRGO Publishing platform. This e-mail, sponsored by The Malaysian Palm Oil Council, promotes a landing page (designed by VIRGO) and contains facts, links, slideshows and videos on this important vegetable oil.

While there are various food ingredient publishers out there, it’s important to remember them all when communicating your message. Using different publisher platforms when it comes time to blast your email, often means distributing your information to different and additional audiences. Reaching your readers by utilizing different e-mail lists can mean extended reach for your company. It’s just as important as utilizing different marketing tactics in order to get your message heard!

Baking Buyer Email Blast Stars California Raisins


We recently received the latest email blast from, which focuses on Discovering America’s Bakeries. Sponsored by the California Raisin Marketing Board, Baking Buyer provides a weekly look at bakers across the U.S., highlighting their success stories and business insights.

This latest email features a visit to the historic Graeter’s Bakery in Cincinnati, and includes a video, discussing their need for consistent branding and the processes they took to revitalize the marketing centered around their bakery.

The remainder of the email blast showcases baking news, specifically including a three-part video series informing viewers on a new product from the California Raisin Marketing Board. These product demonstrations, filmed with a chef, show all of the necessary steps for making breakfast bread.

This email is another unique way to reach customers and also provide a direct path back to your company’s website. It also provides a very interactive experience for the reader, via the high-quality and informative selection of videos.

Food Ingredient Companies Offer Thanksgiving Leftover Solutions

Thanksgiving may have come and gone, but chances are, your fridge is still full of turkey and side dishes from the big day. ConAgra Foods is quick to offer ideas on how to serve up your turkey day leftovers in their recent ReadySetEat email blast.


This helpful email blast contains recipes such as turkey sloppy joes, turkey and stuffing enchiladas, turkey frittata, and turkey taco soup. All recipes clearly display the prep time, number of ingredients and total cook time. Recipe links click straight to a page displaying a delicious photo of the completed meal, ratings by other viewers, nutrition information, directions and the ability to print the recipe or email it to friends.

In addition to these Thanksgiving meal ideas, ConAgra Foods offers a link to their ReadySetEat mobile site, where visitors can select their favorite ingredients and get relevant recipes and also find locations that offer the best sale prices on those specific ingredients.

And if you’ve had your fill of Thanksgiving leftovers, ConAgra Foods even offers a $1 off coupon for their new Healthy Choice Top Chef-inspired Café Steamers®.

Another food ingredient company, King Arthur Flour, distributed a Thanksgiving email blast that also offers three ways to repurpose your turkey leftovers.

King Arthur Email

This email blast shows readers how to make turkey tetrazzini, turkey chili hand pies and turkey dumplings. Each food feature showcases a photo of the completed dish, links to the complete recipe and a blog link that sends the reader to a post capturing step-by-step photos and instructions from a King Arthur blogger or baker.

King Arthur Flour and ConAgra Foods have both provided smart, timely and informative email campaigns that capitalize on the Thanksgiving food and innovative leftover meal ideas that so many of us are looking for.

BakeMark E-zine Showcases Rockin’ Bakers

Anderson Partners Food Ingredients has previously highlighted BakeMark’s advertising tactics, and we were excited to receive an email invitation to view BakeMark’s latest edition of their digital magazine, Bakin’ n Rockin’.


The playful email blast provides an all-access link to BakeMark’s latest e-zine, which spotlights one influential baker, showcases their creations and offers a brief business background. The e-zine also contains features on production ideas, merchandising tips and product trends.

This monthly online publication has a great playful spin, draws readers to the content and even contains animation that helps make for an interesting, interactive read. This tactic is a great way to give customers the spotlight, while encouraging readers to discover more about the industry or stay in tune with the latest production information. We give BakeMark a standing ovation!

Watson Uses Email Blast to Introduce New Product Line

e-mail-headerWe recently received an email blast from Watson, Inc., promoting their new gluten-free ingredients product line.

The email blast opens by asking the audience to consider Watson as their gluten-free problem solver, offering various mixes for bread and muffin products, superior flavor and texture, technical assistance and product innovation, as well as alternatives to the ordinary.

Specifically, this email blast focuses on Watson’s gluteNONE™ product line, showcasing their bread and muffin mixes. With nice photography and strong, supportive bullet points for each gluteNONE™ mix offering, the reader learns that each mix meets celiac associations’ requirements, is adaptable to various types of bread products, and requires that very few additional ingredients be added to achieve the finished creation.

Also included in the email blast is clear, client-to-company contact information, promising users that Watson will aid your company in cross-contamination issues, labeling, and even marketing strategies. With links to their Twitter feed and “About Us” section of their website, Watson makes it easy for an interested prospect to take the next step. You can even reply to the email blast for more information or to request a sample.

Email blasts such as this one, are great examples of promoting a product successfully. This tactic allows Watson’s new product introduction to land in the email inboxes of prospective clients and current customers. Email blasts are a very successful way to generate new sales leads, increase product awareness, and by requesting a sample offer—allow the sales team to follow-up with closely targeted messages to those interested customers.

Sam’s Club Promotes New P.F. Chang’s Frozen Dinners

PFCHANGSSam’s Club promotes new P.F. Chang’s Home Menu™ frozen dinners through its own e-mail marketing platform. Click this link to see the e-mail.

This is a great example of how a retail outlet can team up with a manufacturer to help sell the product in the store. The design matches the look and feel of P.F. Chang’s new Home Menu website, and was most likely provided by P.F. Chang’s. The “Learn More” link connects to a Sam’s Club landing page that provides information about the two products that Sam’s Club offers. The landing page even uses some animation to showcase steam coming off the freshly cooked dishes.

As a devoted P.F. Chang’s customer, I can’t wait to try these at home. They do a great job of making this food mouthwatering.

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