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Land O’Lakes, Inc. Hires Anderson Partners for Business-to-Business Marketing Communications of Ingredients

Land O’Lakes, Inc. has hired Anderson Partners to help with their global business-to-business marketing communications efforts.


Land O’Lakes, Inc., headquartered in Minneapolis, Minn., offers food manufacturers worldwide quality dairy ingredients. With a continuous milk supply from their 3,200 dairy farmer members and control over a vast supply chain, Land O’Lakes, Inc. ensures a consistent, quality supply of dairy ingredients for its customers. Its ingredient offerings include cheese, milk powder, butter, whey, cheese powders and seasonings.

Jim Jarman, marketing and sales leader for the Ingredients Team at Land O’Lakes, Inc., stated that Anderson Partners Food Ingredients was hired “because we were very impressed with their depth of food ingredient experience and past successes. We know that their knowledge will be a valuable asset for our company and for our marketing communications goals.”

Mark Hughes, president of Anderson Partners, said, “We are very proud to have been chosen as Land O’Lakes, Inc.’s marketing communications partner. We are excited to be part of the Land O’Lakes team and are looking forward to helping them communicate the quality of their ingredients and value of their expertise to their global audience.”

Nu-Tek Food Science Wins Advertising Excellence Award

Nu-Tek Food Science was recently awarded an Advertising Excellence Award by Baxter Research Corp. for its trade magazine print ad introducing Nu-Tek Food Science’s Advanced Formula Potassium Chloride sodium-reduction ingredient product. The award was presented to Nu-Tek Food Science in recognition of outstanding overall readership of this advertisement as compared to all other advertisements appearing in the March 26, 2013, issue of Food Business News.

Dan and Dave Award

The Baxter Research ad study reports on ad performance in the context of three steps recognized as essential to the brand-building experience: exposure, engagement and involvement.

“We are very proud of this award,” said Dan Swoboda of Anderson Partners-Food Ingredients, “since it is recognition of the effectiveness of our creative strategy and presentation for Nu-Tek Food Science and their revolutionary, new sodium-reduction technology.”

Baxter Research Corp. (BRC) conducts original advertising and market survey research for firms operating in U.S. domestic and global markets. The privately held company is headquartered in Austin, Texas, and has been located there since 1989.

Food Business News is the food industry’s leading news and ingredient markets publication.

Pictured: Dan Swoboda, creative director at Anderson Partners-Food Ingredients and Dave Hickey, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Nu-Tek Food Science with the Advertising Excellence Award.

Chiquita Brands and Amcor Flexibles Win Packaging Award

Fresh Plaza recently posted an article announcing Chiquita Brands and Amcor Flexibles winning first prize in the coveted UK Packaging Awards, “Flexible Pack of the Year” category, with Chiquita Super Crunchy Fruit Chips—a convenient single-serve snack made from 100-percent naturally dried fruits.

Chiquita Amcor

In the article from Fresh Plaza, Claudio Finol, packaging manager, Chiquita Brands stated, “When developing Super Crunchy Chips, we knew that to make a real impact in the rapidly growing ‘Food-to-go market,’ the brand had to be supported by a new packaging format, which would enhance the customer experience and communicate the new product offering, thanks to its shelf standout. Amcor PushPop has proven to be the perfect choice.”

As an innovative, patented stand-up pack with an easy opening system, Amcor PushPop does not affect barrier integrity. Consumers simply push in the perforation on the top side and pop the pack wide open. The Amcor PushPop is guaranteed optimal in-store display with its printable surface and its shelf stackable surface.

“Amcor PushPop met all of Chiquita’s needs and more. The multilayer pack protects the fruit and the integrity of the chips as well as the nutritional value. Amcor PushPop is very convenient and also fun to use. The positive launch results encouraged us to enter the UK Packaging Awards together,” David Mayers, sales manager Fresh Produce, Amcor Flexibles Europe & Americas.


Kraft Introduces iPhone App

iphone4_heroHow and where you reach your target market has changed dramatically over the past 20 years. In recent years, more and more food ingredient companies have embraced the Internet and social media. One innovative phenomenon is iPhone applications. A successful example of this is Kraft’s new application called the iFood Assistant. iFood offers consumers how-to videos, recipes, a built-in shopping list and much more. Within two weeks of its launch, it was the 25th most purchased application on iTunes in the U.S. And in six months, it generated 85% continued consumer engagement. While the i

Food application is targeted toward consumers, it goes to show that applications are the wave of the future and can help you reach your company’s target market. Explore the iPhone application option, revolve it around what your buyers are interested in, and join Kraft in experiencing a new and successful medium.

(Kraft iFood stats were provided by Irene Rosenfeld. Watch highlights from her presentation on How Brands and Consumers Have Changed at

Danisco Makes Solution Search Simple

 Danisco Logo

DaniscoThere’s a reason why instructions are listed in a 1-2-3 format—it’s easier to follow. That’s exactly how Danisco offers solutions for its customers. Have a problem with a food or beverage you’re making? Need a solution? Choose an industry, an application within that industry, the effect you desire, and voila! You instantly have your solution ingredients and a brief description of key benefits. Danisco makes it as simple as that. It’s a clean, smooth process, and its simplicity makes it fast, easy and effective for the customer

Communicating Sustainability

In a previous blog post, we wrote about the growing activity inside food ingredient companies to communicate their various efforts at establishing viable and credible sustainability programs. Industry marcom execs have been challenged to expand their communications to a wider variety of internal and external audiences. Several food ingredient companies have implemented comprehensive communications plans that integrate multiple tactics to promote their sustainability programs, including trade news coverage, advertising, social networks, e-mail marketing and more.


nestle_logo1One tactic that appears to be having a lot of success is the idea of forming partnerships between food marketers, the cause-related non-profits and non-governmental organizations that are involved in relevant sustainability programs. One recent example that caught our attention was the partnership announced between Nestlé and The Forest Trust. The two are partnering to develop more responsible practices for palm oil sourcing and for procurement of the pulp and paper that Nestlé uses.

According to Food Business News, Nestlé and The Forest Trust have defined responsible sourcing guidelines—a set of requirements to guide the Nestlé procurement process and to ensure compliance with the Nestlé supplier code. Nestlé will seek to identify and exclude companies owning, or managing, high-risk plantations or farms linked to deforestation.


tftThe partnership with The Forest Trust gives credibility to Nestlé’s sustainability program. The tactic also gains wider exposure through the joint promotion efforts of the two partners. Expect to see more food ingredient companies announcing eco-friendly partnerships in the months to come.

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